Glamor's comeback and luxury for all

Big, over-the-top dazzling rings and necklaces have made a huge comeback in the last few years. Silhouettes can be simple – think black on black with statement shoes – but what makes the look is the over-the-top focal point that attracts the eye and says “I know what I'm doing.” An audacious cocktail ring. Stunning sapphire drop earrings. Or just about anything with stand-out red rubies. This is fine jewelry at work.

Fine jewelry was once a luxury that only the elite could afford, besides engagement/wedding rings. Not so anymore. One of the myriad outcomes of the internet's maturation is that luxury is now searchable and accessible; in fact, there are layers of luxury now. The super elite still have their own world that most of us will never know, but for $150,000+ HH incomes there are plenty of ways to now luxe your life that are financially attainable. For instance, our ability to make man made Contemporary Nexus Stones allows us to make those audacious, glamorous cocktail rings at a fraction of the cost of what they would have sold for just 15 years ago with comparable quality. That's true disruption of the value equation.

Combine that with digital marketing's ability to connect new wealth with attainable luxury (thank you Fast Company: and it's a formula for 21st century mega success.

As Contemporary Nexus Stones™ replace mined diamonds and gemstones, and people realize that they can buy a heavy, quality, turn-every-eye-in-the-room necklace for way less than their mortgage payment (instead of the cost of a whole house), our everyday world becomes more brilliant.

Welcome back, Glamor. We'd like to introduce you to a few million new friends.