2016 Engagement trends: What's actually hitting mainstream

Many organizations publish their trends, based on showroom floors, social media posts/pins and top designer lines. The movie The Devil Wears Prada does a nice job of showing how couture trickles down to Kohls, and how extreme runway influences everyday wear eventually. The same is true for jewelry, specifically engagement. The news for 2016 from the Forever Companes is that the trends have not changed from a few years ago, but sales of the trends have finally crept into popular preferences, based on what we're seeing in our own sales at Diamond Nexus and 1215 Engagement, and the custom designs that Forever Artisans creates.

Tricked Out Halos

Halos have been popular for a few years, but now they're positively tricked out. Popular wedding website TheKnot.com featured the Mixed Metal Halo as number five on their list of top 17 (that to us seems a bit much) 2016 Engagement Ring Trends. Really, the trend is not just about mixed metal, it's about making your halo unique by way of pave stones on the band, intricate metalwork that supports the centerstone, or colored gemstones such as sapphires that replace the centerstone diamond. Because the Nexus Diamond is such a fantastic value, we don't tend to see hero colorstones as much. Below are some of our most popular Tricked Out Halos:

Tricked Out Halos

Rose Gold

Can we all agree that Apple knows what they're doing? There was much initial panning of the rose gold iPhone 6 before it launched, but what color sold out immediately on preorder, with 40% share? Yes, the rose gold: http://bit.ly/1YdZAXx. We could have predicted it based on 2015's interest in rose gold as both an accent in mixed metal designs and as a statement piece for fashion-forward brides.

Rose Gold

Pave-set Bands

It may be because pound for pound we offer the best value in the fine jewelry category. Or it may be that our customers just love bling (we must admit that when you're around bling all day, it's really FUN and you want MORE). Regardless, Pave-set Bands and clustering micro-stones on the band are gaining popularity as they add a whole new dimension to the traditional solitare.

Stacked Eternities

Most of the 2016 Engagement Ring trends talk about the ring, but miss the fact that it's no longer "the ring" but "the rings." The stacked ring rage has hit engagement, with a notable number of future brides adding layers to their solitaire by way of eternity bands, even pre-wedding. We're also seeing older brides opting for more versatility, choosing multiple eternities over solitares.

Stacked Pave

That's our forecast for 2016, with a prediction that we'd like you, the reader, to witness. By the end of 2016 you'll see stacked rings all over men's fingers. You heard it here first!