Stacks aren’t just for stacking anymore

Nearly every woman with a manicure has her favorite stackable rings. It’s been the hottest jewelry trend in the last few years, as rings are layered, intertwined and worn in planned haphazardness, like they all just fell on a finger and had a ring party.

When you think of it, solitaire + wedding band was the first stackable presentation, and today three is the new two, but five is how many brides are mixing tradition with fashion. Eternity bands are hot hot hot as stackable components of engagement rings. Left hand, future brides are stacking bands from Esty around their engagement ring, changing the bands to match outfits and occasions. Right hand, they’re using the stacks as fashion rings whenever the mood strikes. We’re also seeing more pre-engagement commitments with the future in mind: promise ring, engagement ring, wedding band.

So we might as well say it out loud: Not every woman loves her surprise engagement ring. Solitaires, classic as they are, just don’t cut it for some women as halos, multi-gem and multi-metal rings become standards. Love the guy, yes! Love the proposal, sweet! Love the ring? Eh. Adding eternity bands before the wedding band adds an element of conversation around the traditional solitaire presentation. After all, the response to “I’m engaged!” is usually “Let me see your ring!” Not that solitaires are bad at all; they’re just not for everyone.

Which eternities do we love most? The bands that use Nexus Diamonds™ in complete circles: These make great on-the-go rings when you don’t want to sport something more elaborate, before or after the big day. And they look spectacular on the right hand. Simple but impressive statement rings are perfect for commemorating moments of joy for any woman. Mother of the bride, anniversaries, graduating law school… eternities from Diamond Nexus are thoughtful reminders of enduring love.

Diamond Nexus and Forever Artisans are the best places to find, or commission, the highest quality, American made, fine jewelry for both women and men.

What? You mean men stack too? Yes, they do indeed.