The word “love” has so many meanings. I love music; I love my cat; I love my family and I love my job. All of those things are true, but they all use “love” in a distinct way.

This is one of my favorite definitions of the word:
Love. n.: a feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection, as for a parent, child or friend.

That feeling of warm attachment and affection is what drove us as little girls to exchange “best friends forever” jewelry. You know the kind — two halves that fit together just so? It was the ultimate statement of friendship.

In these grown-up days of busy schedules, jobs and families, it can be easy for those female relationships to take a back seat.

This Valentine’s Day, let’s purposefully celebrate all kinds of love — not just the romantic kind. Let’s celebrate our love for our moms, our sisters and our best friends — all of the amazing, fun, supportive, and loving ladies in our lives.

Celebrate Love With These Gifts

Our favorite gifts for our favorite women

[Simply Bound bracelet]
A simple, classic piece, the Simply Bound Bracelet will add a bit of sparkle to any outfit, any day of the week.

[Round Cut Stud Earrings]
Because every girl should have a pair of great studs! Go with the classic round cut or choose a cut to match her style — princess cut, oval or even marquise cut.

[Belleville stacking rings]
Stacking rings are totally on-trend, and this beautiful set makes it easy. You could also separate the set for friends or for a mother and two daughters.

[Precious pendant]
Pendants are perfect gifts for Valentine’s Day, and the Precious pendant is a perfect piece that will complement any outfit, with beautiful metal choices: Lorian platinum, rose gold or yellow gold.

These are just a few ideas — the possibilities are endless! No matter what you choose, it’ll be like the grown-up version of the coolest BFF jewelry ever.