CEO Thoughts

The Future, Forever: A Holiday Letter


This year went by so fast. It seemed like as soon as we were enjoying a season, like something new yet familiar, it was gone.

The future hasn’t left us, though. For those of us here at Forever Companies, we think about the future a lot. Everything we do, every engagement ring or gift we make is an icon for a positive future that two individuals share, together. With love, the future can be a place of joy. We believe that.

Our part in the future is by honoring the Earth with alternatives to mined diamonds that are accessible, from a price point, for many more people. Mining diamonds, no matter what the spin is by the big diamond companies, is a horrific assault on everything from groundwater to ocean habitats to farming in underdeveloped nations. And frankly, mined diamonds are not rare – just severely overpriced. On behalf of the Earth and truth, thank you for shopping with us.

Gratefulness is also in our thoughts these days. We are grateful for the customers who have joined us on our mission. Thank you for your trust and referrals. Thank you to our employees, the amazing teams who have kept us going through some very trying times: Our designers, artisans, goldsmiths, and talented makers. Our customer care professionals, our marketing team, our engineers and developers, our product development, administration and fulfillment teams, and our vendor partners who found a way in spite of supply chain chaos. What we do here is complex. But our motivations are simple – love, protecting the Earth and respecting the future.

We are about to start a new year, and a new future together. We will be launching and embarking on some exciting new endeavors, like our Forever Foundation, which will help and benefit companies and individuals who are trying to move our world in a positive direction. Let this new year define us positively.

My wish for everyone is health, peace, prosperity, and many moments of joy.

To love,
Gary LaCourt, Founder and CEO, Forever Companies.