Careers and Culture

We’re changing the world one perfectly grown diamond at a time, and having an amazing time doing it. Join us.

Our Purpose

To empower customers to own engagement rings and fine jewelry that represent a superior value proposition, and an ethically and environmentally better choice.

Our Vision

To disrupt the legacy diamond business and become the most dominant, profitable, valuable and market-leading company for customers looking for an alternative to mined diamonds.

Our Values

Our values define how we, the owners, employees and stakeholders of forever companies operate. How we do business and the decisions we make every day while working in and running the company. We will always be guided by these following five values:


Dedicated to Our Customers

Treat customers as you would want your mother (or yourself) treated.

Customer service is not a department, it’s our culture. Whatever your role may be, if you’re not serving the customer directly, you’re serving someone who does.

For Forever Companies, and you, to succeed, we must all understand this:  Our objective is to make our customers feel special and cared for. From the care we take in crafting a customer’s special piece, to the way we package it, to the way we sell it, to the way we service it – we don’t disappoint them. In fact, we constantly find ways to surprise our customers with meaningful care, concern and above-and-beyond service. We treat them with love and respect, we don’t ever oversell or try to talk them into a sale that’s not right for them.

This means that once in a while we may take a loss on a customer’s order. That’s OK. We trust our people to balance what’s good for the company and what it takes to make it right for the customer and make the best long-term decision.


Dedicated to Our Employee’s Growth and Happiness

Unhappy employees don’t make happy customers.

We think of the company as a tribe: a group of interconnected people with a common objective. Every member of our tribe has responsibilities that help contribute to the success of the tribe, and the tribe has responsibilities to provide for the well-being of its members.

If you are a member of this company, you are a member of our tribe and you will be honored and valued, supported and listened to. You will be given open and truthful assessments of your performance, and your opinion and voice will be considered and respected.

We spend a third of our lives at work, and you will have a safe, secure, fun and positive place to do that work. If you are ambitious, talented and effective, and want to advance your career, we will invest in you and help you on that path.


Dedicated to Profitability

If we don’t make money we can’t do cool and rewarding things.

Profitable companies are fun to work for. They compensate their people well, have great work environments and job security, create opportunities for advancement and growth, and they have an atmosphere of success and accomplishment.

Unprofitable companies are faced with tough and energy-sapping decisions and situations such as downsizing, no expansion capital, inability to reward achievers, no upward mobility, and a dismal atmosphere of failure. Unprofitable companies suck to work for.

We are all faced with multiple decisions every day that affect profitability, and it is the ongoing responsibility of all of us to be mindful of profitability. It is in everyone’s best interest to build a sustainable, thriving and lasting organization.


Communication and Candor

Without open talk and honest feedback, we make poor decisions.

We act among ourselves with kindness and courtesy, but we also believe in the power of communication and straight-talking honest candor. We communicate and assess with respect, but also with frankness and with truth. We confront issues directly, but always from the standpoint of caring personally.

We don’t long tolerate hoarding information, playing politics or hiding our true thoughts, feelings and ideas in an effort to be diplomatic, or worse, to protect our turf. We value those who speak truth to power.

All our team members have the right to and should expect honest and timely feedback on their performance and their career path. Likewise everyone in the company needs to have the trust and confidence that our culture, leadership and our tribe will protect anyone speaking their mind. While personal attacks are never acceptable, ideological disagreements about our business decisions, our systems and processes, and our business plans are—in fact they are welcomed. If you want to affect the direction of the company, speak up. You will be heard.


Never Forget: We’re in the Joy Business

If we could measure it, our key metric would be tears of joy.

We do something special here. We’re not selling tires, T-shirts or plumbing fixtures. The products we make will often be given to mark the most important events in our customers’ lives. Proposals, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and many, many Christmases.

It’s the engagement ring waiting in a nervous, hopeful groom’s pocket as he waits for the perfect moment, the anniversary band slipped onto a finger on a hand that’s held yours for fifty years, the special gift that’s kept back, tucked away until the kids are finished opening and you have a moment for just you and your wife on a Christmas morning.

These moments are important and they will be remembered for lifetimes. The act of giving someone this beautiful, finely made thing called “jewelry” can say so much. It’s special and different and we all must first, never forget how blessed we are to be in such a business, and never forget the responsibility we have to make the moment perfect.

Our Culture

We look at the people who make up our company as a tribe. A group of interconnected people who share a common goal and who have each other’s backs.

We spend a quarter of our lives at work. That time can be drudgery or a joy, depending upon both the culture of the workplace and the attitude of the team member. At Forever Companies we do our part by supporting a culture that allows for creativity and innovation, and that values the work that each one of us does. It’s ALL important.

We look at the people who make up our company as a tribe. A group of interconnected people who share a common goal and who have each other’s backs. The culture we have created has resulted in us winning multiple “Top Workplace” awards as well as having many, many team members who have chosen to spend a decade or more with us.

No matter how big we grow, or how successful we become, we never want to stop having fun. We never want to take ourselves too seriously. And we never want to stop feeling like a family… a renegade family that wants to change the world.

We’re Hiring

What everyone at Forever Companies gets:

  • Competitive salaries and great benefits.
  • Casual work environment.
  • Quarterly very specific evaluations and career guidance. You always know where you stand and what’s the next step in your career.
  • Full reimbursement and paid time off for approved educational expenses.
  • All of the free designer coffee and gourmet pizza you can consume from our Café.
  • Some really great parties and cool Forever Companies Swag!

UX Designer

The UX team is part of the marketing division and is a growing group of fun and incredibly talented people from
various backgrounds and disciplines. The UX designer is an expansion position based on company growth and will
be an important member of our team.

What You Will Be Doing

  • Understand customer needs and be able to provide a solution
  • Use Adobe Creative Suite to design crisp, professional layouts
  • Create prototypes, wireframes, comps and page flow diagrams that support the project’s goals
  • Provide ongoing recommendations for site updates and user experience improvements

What You Need To Do the Job Well

  • Strong sense of design with visual appeal.
  • Strong knowledge of responsive/fluid design.
  • Strong knowledge of interactive design.
  • Strong creative, technical, and analytical skills.
  • Strong understanding of user-centric design principals.
  • Experience with E-com. Retail specific experience is a bonus.
  • Thorough understanding of web practices & standards.
  • Facilitate user testing on designs in progress, click-through prototypes, beta versions, and finished features/products.
  • Contribute to the development of strong and innovative web enhancements through a customer’s journey, from shopping, learning, comparing product, selecting product, checkout and post-purchase.

Beyond the Job Specifics

  • Experience designing across browsers and platforms
  • Strong communication skills
  • Time management skills
  • Ability to work well independently or with a team


  • Familiarity with Sketch and Figma in addition to XD
  • A stellar portfolio showcasing your design thinking process

The ideal candidate is someone who is extremely passionate about developing design solutions driven by real customer data and strives to turn these insights into best-in-class experiences across the web. You will not only have a mastery of interface design but also think about design in systematic ways. You will work collaboratively with other UX designers, front-end developers, and full-stack developers, marketing managers, product managers, and other key stakeholders and be a strategic partner to the Lead UX Art Director and web dev team.

Compensation and Benefits


A solid base wage is commensurate based on experience.

Standard Benefits

  • Health/Dental/LTD/Life Insurance. Supplemental Options for STD and LTD. Paid Time Off and Flex
  • Days Benefits. 401k

Soft Benefits

  • Employee Discounts and Incentives.
  • Forever Companies is a fast-growing company within the fashion Industry. We are seeking those who want to be successful in the roles they are hired for and have the drive to be promoted as we grow.
  • All the designer coffee and pizza you can drink or eat.
  • Hard-working but laid-back culture. Please follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and our internal blog at

Facility Coordinator

Under the direction of the Senior Operations Manager, and CEO, the Facility Coordinator is
responsible for overseeing the cleaning, maintenance and upkeep of Forever Companies and
associated properties and facilities. This will entail physically performing maintenance functions,
overseeing cleaning, construction and other crews and vendors, leading and coordinating the
assembly and installation of office furniture and equipment and seeing to the maintenance of
company cars and other property.

The facility coordinator is also responsible for developing and administering policies,
procedures, and processes in support of onsite maintenance and OSHA safety standards.
The goal of this role is to ensure that all company facilities, which include business and
residential properties, office and manufacturing space, company cars, etc, are clean, safe,
orderly and in good working order.

The Facility Coordinator will also co-manage the process of expanding our current facility form
it’s current 16,000 square feet to 40,000 sq ft, and potentially having a key role in our future
corporate headquarters building project.

Key Responsibilities


  • Develop properties specific Preventative Maintenance Plans.
  • Develop weekly, and monthly procedural/task list.
  • Maintains a clean and safe work environment at all facilities
  • Performs minor maintenance repairs that do not require a licensed contractor.
  • Oversee outside vendors/contractors, ensuring safety, work quality, and performance.
  • Works directly with St. John Properties, FC leasing landlord, for building and maintenance issues owned by SJP
  • Oversee and directs cleaning contractors.
  • Directly takes care of all cleaning issues that are emergent.
  • Directly takes ownership of the appearance of facilities including entryways, kitchen, and other common areas.
  • Notifies the FC team when maintenance will be occurring within the Facility.
  • Holds team members accountable if not following company etiquette in the use o common areas.
  • Maintains the outdoor living space during warm weather months. Including watering the plants and taking outdoor furniture outside at the start of the day and return it indoors at the end of the day.
  • Order and maintains all supplies related to kitchen, bathroom, cleaning, and common areas.
  • Works with different departments to dispose of used or unwanted building items, while maintaining city, state and federal guidelines.
  • Assist IT in the maintenance of office equipment.
  • Coordinates Office Shredding with outside vendors.
  • Is the point person for all city, state and federal inspections.
  • Assist the Party Planning Committee with storage decorations and supplies after the parties are completed. In addition, actively assist the committee with procuring supplies for the activities.
  • Takes direction from the CEO or HR Manager in maintenance related to residential properties.

Project Management 2020 Buildout Project.

  • Co-manages FC facility expansion in 2020.
  • Develops Timeline for buildout plan
  • Takes notes and updates information using project management software.
  • Oversee outside contractors ensuring safety, work quality, and performance.
  • Works with accounting to help maintain the buildout budget.
  • Is the point person for all city, state, and federal inspections.
  • Own OSHA guidelines during this process.


  • Leads Safety Committee.
  • Holds a monthly meeting for the first responder team.
  • Owns the care and monthly maintenance of eyewash station, AED, and first responders, supply kit.
  • Ensure all first responders certifications are up to date. Maintains file.
  • Inspects and maintains all fire extinguishers.
  • Inspects all fire exit signs on monthly bases, notifies SJP is the bulbs are burnt out.
  • Holds yearly fire drill.
  • Works with HR on developing online safety reviews.
  • Has knowledge of SJP internal fire systems and alarm maintenance.
  • Maintains the SDS.
  • Trains all new employees on safety and OSHA standards. Creates and maintains records of the training and supplies HR with a PDF of the employee’s signed check off.
  • Holds department accountable for not maintaining the city, state, and federal safety laws.
  • Stays updated on OSHA and EPA standards and rules.
  • Collaborates with vendors and resources for best in practice safety rules.
  • Maintains appropriate Certification and takes classes when indicated.
  • Fleet and Luxury Car Maintenace
  • Ensures the fleet cars have regular maintenance and are filled with gas.
  • Ensures weekly that the CEO cars are filled with gas, and are clean.
  • Creates a maintenance schedule for all cars assigned.
  • Works directly with dealerships and other vendors related to auto issues.
  • Maintains car registrations and license plate renewals.

Process Improvement

  • Evaluates maintenance operations and identify opportunities to improve performance in all aspects of the maintenance operation.
  • Prioritizes Improvement opportunities
  • Leads selected improvement opportunities.

Record Keeping

  • Develops and maintains Policies and Procedures regarding facility operations, OSHA guidelines, and safety.
  • Onboarding of new employees regarding safety and OSHA guidelines.
  • Maintains Calendar of Mandatory Maintenance requirements.
  • Updates PM tools when involved in projects
  • Tracks Mileage for monthly payroll processing.
  • Maintains receipts, invoices, and PO for monthly credit card reconciliation.


  • 5+ years in facilities management, facilities maintenance, or property management.
  • Ability to work to take initiative and work independently
  • Proficient in basic maintenance skills, tool use, commercial and industrial cleaning.
  • OSHA trained and/or certified.
  • EPA trained and/or certified.
  • Proficient in Microsoft Word and Excel
  • Proven communication and interpersonal skills with the ability to communicate and interact effectively with all levels of the organization both verbally and written.
  • Analytical ability to process data from multiple sources.
  • Minimal of Associate Degree preferred.
  • Possess a valid drivers’s license and insurance.

Supervisory Responsibilities

  • None

Physical Demands

  • Required to lift up to 75lbs frequently.
  • Regularly required to sit, stand, bend, reach and move about the facility.
  • Required to climb ladders, move outdoor furniture, use cleaning, maintenance, repair, equipment

Personal Protective Equipment

  • OSHA required safety equipment when applicable.

Work Environment

  1. Work performed in cross facilities, environment.
  2. Exposed to shop elements such as noise, dust, chemicals, odors, and fumes.

Inside Sales/Customer Care Advisor

Forever Companies ( is challenging the status quo of the diamond industry by combining cutting-edge innovation with old-school service, quality American manufacturing, and beautiful products. Utilizing our disruptive technology, our three brands, Diamond Nexus, Forever Artisans, and 12fifteen Diamonds, allow our customers to own spectacular, handcrafted engagement rings and fine jewelry that is ethical, environmentally conscious, and affordable.

Working at Forever Companies means you bring your A-game every day. You work hard but know how to play hard, too. You’ll be joining a company where co-workers are tightly knit and have each other’s backs. Every day you’ll be challenged and relied upon to meet your maximum potential. Our call center is currently seeking a full-time Customer Service Representative to develop and grow customer relationships by providing unparalleled customer service and a humanized digital sales experience.

Forever Companies customers are smart and savvy people who have researched our product and are ready to make the purchase of their lifetime. Your job is to enhance their knowledge while providing the type of remarkable customer service they will want to tell their friends about.

Mission: Create an exceptional experience for every customer by providing outstanding customer service.


Job competencies – Who you should be

  • Humanize the digital retail sales experience.
  • Energetic: Customers must feel your smile through the phone and know they’re working with someone they can trust.
  • Connector: Our customers are purchasing a keepsake product based on their love for another individual. We want you to learn about them, their preferences, relate to them on a personal level, and guide them on current trends.
  • Empathetic: Customers count on us to deliver some of the most significant keepsakes of their life. When that doesn’t go right, you have to see it from their point of view and create a personal connection to take them towards a solution.
  • Team Player: Must be able to work within a team environment and be ready to jump in and help your co-workers.
  • Perseverance: Service is fraught with people that may be upset with you. You must have the grit to do whatever it takes to overcome this.
  • Honest: You can’t cut corners on your way to success. You have to be open and deliberate with your customers and colleagues.
  • Pride: Take pride in knowing you can turn an unhappy customer into a lifelong delighted customer.


Cultural competencies – How you must fit in

  • Customers first: Every position in Forever Companies is there to create new customers and ensure they’re happy.
  • Tribe: We’re dedicated to our employee’s growth and happiness and see ourselves as interconnected people with a common objective
  • Analytical: Know your numbers, why they’re essential to the organization, and deliver them consistently.
  • Candor: Provide honest feedback to those you work with and be open to receiving constructive criticism.
  • Vision: Know where the industry and company are headed and steer your role to ensure Forever Companies is headed.
  • Execution: Once you know what needs to be done, have the skills and drive to get it done, on time, and to a high degree.
  • Irreverent: If you can’t have fun selling a lifetime of meaning that’s good for the earth and people, you’re one miserable SOB
  • Independent: Every member of the tribe should be self-starters that feel comfortable working without hand-holding or unnecessary oversight.
  • Smart: We expect our employees to come into their position with the necessary intelligence to be successful and to maintain their knowledge base.
  • Creative: All positions in Forever Companies will require you to solve problems in new and unique ways.
  • Educated: The drive to learn all that you can about the industry.


Compensation and Benefits:


  • A solid base wage is commensurate based on experience.
  • Incentives and Bonus, commission structure.

Standard Benefits (30-40 a week positions):

Health/Dental/LTD/Life Insurance. Supplemental Options for STD and LTD. Paid Time Off and Flex Days Benefits. 401k

Soft Benefits:

  • Employee Discounts and Incentives.
  • Forever Companies is a fast-growing company within the fashion Industry. We are seeking those who want to be successful in the roles they are hired for and have the drive to be promoted as we grow.
  • All the designer coffee and pizza you can drink or eat.
  • Hard-working but laid-back culture. Please follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and our internal blog at
  • HOURS: ROTATING SHIFTS OF 8-4, 8-4, 9-5 10-6, 12-8. One weekend every 5-6 weeks. Longer hours required during the holiday season.

Digital Project Manager

We are Forever Companies, and we are a growing and dynamic organization in the jewelry and fashion marketplace. Our three brands, Diamond Nexus, 12Fifteen Diamonds, and Forever Artisans, are re-inventing the jewelry industry.

Our True Grown Diamonds™ is a highly disruptive technology. Real diamonds, the same as what is mined from the earth that we grow in our labs. However, unlike mined diamonds, they are eco and socially positive, and they save our customers thousands of dollars.

Our flagship brand, Diamond Nexus, sells Nexus Diamond alternatives. Nexus Diamonds are the world’s first heirloom-quality diamond alternatives. These patented, manmade gemstones are visually indistinguishable from flawless, colorless, Ideal Cut mined diamonds—even to a jeweler with a loupe. They cost much less than diamonds, but they look, act and wear like diamonds, forever.

The Web Development team is a growing group of fun and incredibly talented people from various backgrounds and disciplines. The Digital Project Manager is an expansion position based on company growth and will be an important member of our team.



  • Manage the implementation of re-platforming from Magento 1 to Magento 2.
  • Manage the enhancement to our CRM, Salesforce.
  • Manage the enhancement to our Marketing automation deployment and customization using Tealium and Iterable.


Overview and Responsibilities

  • Collaborate with key stakeholders throughout the company to develop, manage, and execute long- and short-term projects
  • Actively manage multiple deadline-driven projects
  • Establish and manage timelines to keep projects on schedule
  • Track and manage estimates and costs to keep projects on-budget
  • Conduct and lead daily standup and/or scrum meetings based on project structure
  • Collaborate and act as the primary communication liaison between the Web Development team and other departments including Marketing, Customer Care, and Operations
  • Work with outside vendors such as software developers and consulting firms
  • Coordinate between outside vendors and internal accounting department
  • Seek opportunities for improvement and suggest new project


Basic Qualifications

  • 3+ years of experience as a Project Manager in a web or software development environment
  • Proven understanding of project methodologies including waterfall, agile, and scrum
  • Solid experience with project management/tracking software tools such as Jira, Trello, or Clickup
  • Knowledge of relevant project reporting and charts
  • Excellent organization and time management skills
  • Bachelors degree in Computer Science or another relevant field


Additional Qualifications

  • Strong written and oral communication skills
  • Strong motivation to learn new skills and abilities
  • Personal energy, sense of humor, and ability to work in our unique culture
  • Ability to take direction and thrive in a fast-paced environment
  • Experience with any of the following:
  • E-commerce shopping cart platforms (Magento)
  • CRM systems (Salesforce)
  • Marketing automation solutions
  • ERP software
  • Web site performance and monitoring
  • Continuous integration
  • Automated QA
  • PHP or other programming languages
  • Version control (Git)


Benefits, compensation, and culture.

Forever Companies is a great place to work. We have a fun and casual culture. As all of the many components of our company – from manufacturing to jewelry design, customer service to web development – are all under one roof, it makes for a diverse and interesting group of co-workers. We really do see ourselves as changing the world, and we genuinely care about each other and about what we do.

Benefits: Good package of health, dental, vision, disability, PTO, Flex Days, Parental Leave.

Entry Level Customer Care Advisor

We are looking for energetic change makers with a desire to excel in personal growth. We have a “work hard- play hard” mentality and need outgoing individuals interested in joining our fast paced team. Primarily responsible for providing entry level assistance to customers with their jewelry purchases. High level execution of daily tasks to ensure customer requests are handled in an accurate and timely manner.

Job Duties

  • Authorize sales price adjustment refunds
  • Send appropriate paperwork for warranty and repair services
  • Send customers appropriate paperwork for refunds and exchanges
  • Utilizing retention methods to reduce returns and convert to exchanges
  • Edit orders, customer request, and work with Fulfillment to make necessary updates
  • Answer inbound Customer Care emails through salesforce
  • Answer inbound Customer Care calls related to web orders
  • Assist with outbound customer care issues as notified by Fulfillment
  • Maintain a high level of Customer Satisfaction
  • Personal growth through industry education for career advancement

Minimum Qualifications

  • Education, Training and Experience Guidelines:  High school diploma OR GED equivalent; previous experience in customer service, great etiquette in telecommunication and written communication, Experience using Microsoft Excel, and Google Drive preferred but not required.

Skills In:

  • Using initiative, discretion, and judgment within established procedures, guidelines, and rules.
  • Defining problems, establishing facts, and drawing valid conclusions.
  • Managing situations requiring diplomacy, fairness, firmness, and sound judgment.
  • Performing basic mathematical calculations.
  • Researching and developing practical solutions to customer issues or problems.
  • Multi-tasking and performing efficient time management.
  • Providing efficient customer service.
  • Operating a personal computer and various software applications.
  • Establishing and maintaining cooperative working relationships with managers, supervisors, employees, and customers.
  • Ability to operate under high stress conditions.

Bench Jeweler

Forever Companies is a world leader in online and direct sales of innovative luxury jewelry products. Our three brands; Diamond Nexus, 12Fifteen Diamonds, and Forever Artisans, offer customers worldwide a range of exquisite engagement rings, fine jewelry, and fashion items sold directly through our websites and Contact Center.

It’s fun to produce our products because they are highly emotional items that bring happiness to our clients. Our products celebrate hallmark moments in our client’s lives, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and merry holiday seasons. We’re not producing tires or nuts and bolts. We are producing things that bring real tears of joy to people’s eyes. It’s pretty cool.

We earn our customer’s respect and admiration through sage advice, honest dialog, and a willingness to go above and beyond. We look to recruit talent that is truly excited about the idea of helping people create magic moments that we get to be a part of. Sound like something that would motivate you every day?

We are currently seeking an individual to join our production department as a full-time bench jeweler.

We have an active production department consisting of 10 Team Members, including Master Jewelers, Bench Jewelers, Finisher, and a Polisher. We are looking for experienced jewelers, with production experience, to join our team.

Job Description

The jeweler works as part of a team member in an established jewelry production department.

Performs daily aspects of being a bench production jeweler including, stone setting; fabrication, refurbishing, and repairs, sizing of Rings, and metal polishing.


  • Bench Jeweler minimum 8+ years experience
  • Stone Setting: Must be experienced in basic and intricate stone setting.
  • Experience setting stones with a microscope.
  • Ring Sizing
  • Jewelry Repair
  • Experience with Gold Platinum, and Silver setting.
  • Knowledge of jewelers tools equipment and machinery.
  • Knowledge of casting is a plus
  • Attention to Detail and Quality.
  • Manufacturing/Production Experience a Plus

Physical Requirements

  • The ability to lift up to 40 lbs.
  • The ability to perform repetitive hand and eye procedures.
  • The ability to work standard jewelry chemicals.