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Manufacturing Joy in Franklin, WI,
U.S.A. Since 2005.

Diamond Nexus Love it. Own it.

The purchase of an engagement ring is one of the most emotionally charged moments in life – a future groom looks into the eyes of the woman he loves, hoping she’ll approve. Or, a couple shops together for their first big, iconic purchase.

Diamond Nexus, founded in 2005, is built on a simple premise: Make that moment, and all it symbolizes forever, one of joy. 

Can value bring joy? Yes. We see it every day. Our patented Nexus Diamond™ alternative is an engineered crystal, in every way as beautiful and durable – in fact nearly indistinguishable – from a perfect earth­-mined diamond for nearly 90 percent less. We set our Nexus Diamond™ alternatives to the highest standard, in solid gold or platinum, in our own Franklin, Wisconsin factory.

This gives our customers the opportunity to get the ring of their dreams, without compromise. 

Since our inception in 2005, over 450,000 customers have experienced this value. We have continually expanded our offerings to now represent one of the largest collections of engagement rings and fine jewelry designs available online.

Diamond Nexus has received acclaim from multiple national and international media sources, and has maintained the highest independently rated customer service in the industry.

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12Fifteen Diamonds Morality, reality, love. Done.

Since 2004 we have been involved in the research and development of jewelry-quality lab grown diamonds. Our long experience in this revolutionary and disruptive new industry gives us technological and supply chain competitive advantages. The development of the lab  grown diamond market will profoundly change the dynamics of the $60 billion global diamond market, and Forever Companies is well positioned to be a leader in the field.

Our 12FIFTEEN Diamonds brand offers exquisite engagement rings and wedding bands set exclusively with high quality lab grown diamonds. The diamonds are exactly the same as earth‐mined diamonds, but without the environmental, ethical and corporate diamond cartel concerns. So, morality done. Our lab-grown diamonds cost 20 to 50 percent less than the exact same diamond mined from the earth. Reality done. We’ll leave the love up to you.


Forever Artisans Your love is unique.

Forever Artisans is the jewelry design studio that powers all of the Forever Companies jewelry brands. Our customers can directly access our design studio, and can tap the vast experience and capabilities of some of the most talented jewelry designers and craftspeople in the world. The Studio has designed and delivered thousands of jewelry pieces, from as simple as a lapel pin, to as elaborate and extraordinary as the crowns used in the Miss Universe and Miss USA pageants.

Forever Artisans offers a fun and highly interactive process for our customers to create one-of-a-kind engagement rings and bespoke jewelry. Our designers can recreate a jewelry piece form a picture or sketch, can remake an heirloom piece, or can design something never before seen purely from our customers imagination. Our designers collaborate with our customers at every step of the process, through initial ideas, sketch, 3D renderings and models, to final forging and fashioning. The end result is a one-of-a-kind work of art that is still often more affordable than a traditional mined diamond ring bought from a mall jeweler.

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