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Wisconsin, U.S.A

Diamond Nexus Love it. Own it.

Every time we create an engagement ring, someone’s life changes. Our product is Joy, delivered in a box: The look of astonishment, the splendor of giving, the jubilation that comes with “Yes.” With Diamond Nexus, it is a moment untarnished by “I wish I could have afforded more…” or, “It’s not what I always dreamed of, but…” Is love defined by how much a couple spends on a ring? It’s how the ring reflects the union of two individuals, as a celebration of the future of each, shared together.

Diamond Nexus has one of the largest catalogs of engagement rings and fine jewelry online. We splurge on craftsmanship and solid, not hollowed, precious metals in our creations. Our pieces are of the highest quality and are set with our patented Nexus Diamond™ Alternative, or Nexus Color Stones which are chemically identical to rubies, emeralds and sapphires. All Diamond Nexus stones are lab-made, and are significantly less in price and environmental impact than mined stones. They are also certified perfect by AIG Laboratories (Antwerp-American International Gemological Labs): colorless, no inclusions, ideal cut.

Diamond Nexus offers a lifetime guarantee for its stones, offers award-winning customer service and employs over 100 people in Franklin, Wisconsin. The flagship of the Forever Companies brands, Diamond Nexus specializes in classic jewelry that is the foundation of every fine jewelry collection.

12Fifteen Diamonds Morality, reality,
love. Done.

There are some couples who prefer 100 percent carbon lab-grown diamonds. For those people, 12FIFTEEN Diamonds offers the easiest engagement ring buying experience: Popular styles, pre-set with 100 percent carbon, True Grown™ diamonds. You pick your ring, we locate the best possible stone for the design available in the world, we set it, you buy it. What makes it easy? You buy the ring, rather than the diamond, first. Then we do all the work to ensure that your 100 percent carbon stone is appropriately matched for the setting. No salesperson “sell ups,” which, by the way, is a issue with the retail diamond trade – most diamond jewelry salespeople are still on commission.

Don’t like your 12FIFTEEN piece? We’ll take it back. Don’t see a ring style you want? Shop the Diamond Nexus catalog and choose from the largest design inventory on the internet. Every ring there can be set with 100 percent carbon lab-grown diamonds or a combination of True Grown and Nexus Diamonds. Still don’t see what you want? Then, may we introduce you to Forever Artisans…

Forever Artisans Your love is

At Forever Companies, we make all of our rings in-house. Pieces are handcrafted, not machine stamped. What that means is that we have some very talented master jewelers with significant experience, and they could, in theory, create your every dream in jewelry.

Theory is reality, and yes, our Forever Artisans group of master jewelers can create whatever you want. You can modify an existing design to make it just perfect, or, you can work with them to create something entirely from your imagination. You can make a tiara (we’ve done that for the Miss Universe competition), or a one-of-a-kind anything befitting your wildest vision. You can say, “Make me an engagement ring that looks like a combination of Beyoncé’s and Kim Kardashian’s rings” and we can work with you to do that. Or, “Make me a hair pin that looks like what Kate Middleton wears.” Seriously.

Unlike some “custom” design studios that are based on very specific modifications, we have a full spectrum of experience that extends from a simple embellishment on a solitaire to being the artisans that budding jewelry designers use to manufacture personal creations. All with lab-created stones from the Forever Companies, of course.