Make Yours Forever.


Our mission is to create a company that challenges the status quo. The diamond jewelry industry is broken and delivers poor value to customers. It damages the environment and promotes strife worldwide. We’re building a better way. Better for customers, the planet and its people. We will lead by combining cutting edge innovation with old-school services, quality American manufacturing, and the attention to detail that fashions beautiful products. Forever Companies delivers choice and value to everyone shopping for fine jewelry. For our employees, we provide a place where our people can thrive and be safe, secure, and successful.

Our Values at Forever Companies

These are the things that we are as a company. Our five values define our conduct as an organization. They rule how we engage with our employees and our customers.


Treat customers as you would want your mother treated.

Customer service is not a department, it’s our culture. Whatever your role may be, if you’re not serving the customer directly, you’re serving someone who does. For Forever Companies to succeed, we must all understand this… Our objective is to make our customers feel special and cared for. From the care we take in crafting a customer’s special piece, to the way we package them to the way we sell it, we don’t disappoint them. In fact, we constantly find ways to surprise our customers with meaningful care, concern and above-and-beyond service.


Unhappy employees don’t make happy customers.

We think of the company as a tribe: a group of interconnected people with a common objective. Every member of our tribe has responsibilities that help contribute to the success of the tribe, and the tribe has responsibilities to provide for the well-being of its members. If you are a member of this company, you are a member of our tribe and you will be honored and valued, supported and listened to. You will be given open and truthful assessments of your performance, and your opinion and voice will be considered and respected. We spend a third of our lives at work, and you will have a safe, secure, fun and positive place to do that work. If you are ambitious, talented and effective, and want to advance your career, we will invest in you and help you on that path.


If we don’t make money we can’t do cool and rewarding things.

Profitable companies are fun to work for. They compensate their people well, create opportunities for advancement and growth, and they have an atmosphere of success and accomplishment. Unprofitable companies are faced with tough and energy-sapping decisions and situations such as downsizing, no expansion capital, inability to reward achievers, and a dismal atmosphere of failure. Unprofitable companies suck to work for.

We are all faced with multiple decisions everyday that affect profitability, and it is the ongoing responsibility of all of us to be mindful of profitability. It is in everyone’s best interest to build a sustainable, thriving and lasting organization.


Without honest feedback, we make poor decisions.

We act among ourselves with kindness and courtesy, but we also believe in the power of communication and straight-talking honest candor. We communicate with respect, but also with frankness and with truth. There is no place for sugar-coating the facts, hoarding information, playing politics or hiding our true thoughts, feelings and ideas in an effort to be diplomatic or not to cause conflict, or worse, to protect our turf. Candor is a powerful force and in the long run is the kindest policy. Candor cuts through and clarifies. We simply don't have time for anything else.


If we could measure it, our key metric would be tears of joy.

We do something special here. We’re not selling tires, plumbing fixtures or machine tools. The products we make will often be given to mark the most important events in our customers’ lives. Proposals, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and many, many Christmases. It’s the engagement ring waiting in a nervous, hopeful groom’s pocket as he waits for the perfect moment, the anniversary band slipped onto a finger on a hand that’s held yours for fifty years, the special gift that’s kept back, tucked away until the kids are finished opening and you have a moment for just you and your wife on a Christmas morning. These moments are important and they will be remembered for lifetimes. The act of giving someone this beautiful, finely made thing called “jewelry” can say so much. It’s special and different and we all must first never forget how blessed we are to be in such a business and never forget the responsibility we have to make the moment perfect.