Lab Grown Diamonds

Lab grown diamonds, also referred to as “created” or “manmade” diamonds are just that: Real diamonds in every possible way. The best analogy is, as ice from a frozen lake is natural ice, an ice cube from your freezer is manmade ice. They are exactly the same things, although, just as with ice from a lake may have impurities, natural mined diamonds often do. Lab created diamonds are generally more pure, but may also vary in their grading (unlike Nexus Diamond™ alternatives which are uniformly graded perfect).

In 2018 the Federal Trade Commission ruled that, in essence, “a diamond is a diamond is a diamond” meaning, chemical composition is what defines a diamond, not the process by which it is made. 

Which takes us to today’s real differentiator: Let the buyer beware. Because so many have joined the game of manufacturing and sourcing lab created diamonds, experience and knowledge have become important and influential to the value a consumer may receive.  

Lab grown diamonds are offered at many jewelry retailers these days, but for most jewelry companies it’s a very new product. We’ve been doing it for years based on our company commitment to never, ever using mined stones in anything we do. Because we’ve been doing it longer, our relationships with quality growers is unparalleled.

The product quality range of available lab diamonds is wide, and the process by which an individual lab diamond is created matters for cut, eventual certification and value. We’re happy to lead the sector with our unique knowledge and experience. Selling lab created alternatives to mined diamonds is what we have done since 2005.

Most of our competitors sell both mined and lab grown diamonds. We could easily do this ourselves, but we have chosen not to, Never have and never will. Lab grown diamonds are just better. Better for our customers, the earth and its people.

The Nexus Diamond™ Alternative

Our first proprietary, patented product, the Nexus Diamond™ alternative, truly lives in a category of its own. While virtually indistinguishable from a perfect diamond, the Nexus Diamond™ alternative is chemically distinct. As such, we cannot call it a “lab diamond” as its chemical composition is not similar. But, if your standards are: “Can the average person tell the difference?” The answer is no, they can’t. Or, “Will it cut glass like a diamond?” The answer is yes, it will. And, “Is it guaranteed forever?” You guessed it – YES, forever. Which is why we’re named Forever Companies.

Nexus Diamond™ alternatives are graded by exactly the same criteria that diamonds are graded.

The differences? Cost, perfection and impact on the environment and human conditions.

Nexus Diamond™


2.04ct Halo
Quality D-IF, ideal cut

Mined Diamond


2.04ct Halo
Quality G-VS2, good cut

Lab Created Gemstones and Colored Nexus Diamond™ Alternatives

In addition to offering lab created diamonds and Nexus Diamond™ alternatives, we also manufacture rubies, emeralds, sapphires and other precious gemstones that are chemically identical to their mined counterparts. The difference? Ours are perfect, without inclusions or color variations. And like the rest of our stones, ours are significantly less expensive than those that come from the earth. Fine jewelry lovers also love our Nexus Colored Stones™ in a range of colors including canary, pink, and blue, especially when used in right hand rings and pendants.