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12FIFTEEN Diamonds

Lab grown, forever.

12FIFTEEN Diamonds offers luxury engagement rings at an accessible price point. Choose the perfect lab grown diamond and handcrafted setting style to create your dream engagement ring.


Diamond Nexus

Choose what you love, and own it.

Diamond Nexus offers the most innovative lab created diamond simulant on the market. The Nexus Diamondâ„¢ alternative simulates the look, weight and wear of a perfect mined diamond, for up to 80% less. Choose the look you want, without compromising quality. 


Forever Artisans

Custom jewelry brought to life.

Work with a Design Consultant to bring you dream engagement ring or piece of fine jewelry to life. Every piece is handcrafted in the U.S.A. by our team of master jewelers. No matter where your inspiration comes from, Forever Artisans can make your dream a reality.